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These pages and links below provide essential information, tools, and products for large animal sling use.  Seek professional help when working with rigging and using slings.

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Any questions regarding sling use and rigging or APECS training,
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We are out of EquiSlings at this time, until further notice View the APECS page for ideas on stocks & chutes that are also extremely helpful in using a sling.

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You're not going to find a better performing rope anywhere, and at fantastic prices.   Dave Montana  

FIRST Have A Good Idea Of What Kinds Of Tools You Want To Use
Do You Want To Lift With Cable? ~ Chain?  ~ Or Rope? 
Or A Combination Of The Three
WHATEVER YOU CHOOSE ~ The Fittings & Attachments Must Coincide With The Support Lines
For weight support slings, small amounts of lift are required...and avoid ever lifting animals feet off ground.
YOUR HOISTING BEAM: Stocks, Or Horse Stockade Should Possess Industrial-Hold Strength & Work Harmoniously With Your Hoisting Configurations
SKETCH OUT YOUR CONFIGURATION of Hoist Beam and Rigging On Paper Before Ordering Parts Or Speaking With Experienced Riggers.
Turnbuckles Are Excellent For Adjusting Weight Support Lift.
Industrial Rigging.Com

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